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The Partners


Preferred Partner LogoContact: Jodi Strenta
Phone: (904) 334-8117
E-mail: Jodi(dotted)Strenta(at)Brightway(dotted)com


Preferred Partner LogoContact: Jim Schmid
Phone: (904) 703-6162
E-mail: jschmid(at)myfirstoption(dotted)comPreferred Partner LogoContact: Dave Lashbrook
Phone: (904) 686-1318
E-mail: Dave(at)Navigator-Mortgage(dotted)com

Preferred Partner LogoContact: Aaron Duez
Phone: (904) 716-7650
E-mail: aduez(at)homebridge(dotted)comPreferred Partner LogoContact: Wade Swindell
Phone: (877) 314-1499
E-mail: wade(dotted)swindell(at)movement(dotted)com

Real Estate Photography

Preferred Partner LogoContact: Jim Carson
Phone: (630) 258-1110
E-mail: jim(at)imotophoto(dotted)com

Home Inspection:

Preferred Partner LogoContact: Cash Wade
Phone: (904) 268-9989
E-mail: cwade(at)inspectiondepot(dotted)com
Contact: Drew Evans
Phone: (904) 338-1421
E-mail: devans(at)bpgwi(dotted)com

Home Warranty:

Preferred Partner LogoContact: Justin Fransen
Phone: (904) 718-3685
E-mail: jfransen(at)firstam(dotted)com
Preferred Partner LogoContact: Trish Spivey
Phone: (904) 853-6987
E-mail: tspivey(at)2-10(dotted)com


Contact: Lauren Braddock Alcorn
Phone: (904) 545-5924
E-mail: laurenbraddock(at)servpromandarin(dotted)com
Contact: Russel Benes
Phone: (904) 759-7372
E-mail: rbenes(at)puroclean(dotted)com


Contact: J. Scott Triplett
Phone: (904) 591-9519
E-mail: JST(at)USPatriotTitle(dotted)com
Contact: Lisa Andrews & Erin Fourie
Phone: (904) 563-3216 & (904)861-7842
E-mail: landrews(at)nat(dotted)com & efourie(at)nat(dotted)com

Pest Control:

Contact: Dan Dansereau
Phone: (904) 404-6252
E-mail: ddansereau(at)peachtreepest(dotted)com


Contact: Paul Wettrich
Phone: (904) 220-1040
E-mail: paul(dotted)wettrich(at)directtax(dotted)net

Transaction Coordinator

Contact: Beckie Hyatt
Phone: (904) 403-1723
E-mail: BeckieHyatt(at)gmail(dotted)com


Contact: Scott Green
Phone: (904) 868-9505
E-mail: sgreen(at)batessecurity(dotted)com

For more information on the RE/MAX WaterMarke Preferred Partner Program, please contact: Hayley Miller
Hayley(at)WaterMarkeFL(dotted)com (904) 221-2605.