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Did You See The Balloon?

It was a perfect morning to share the science behind how a hot air balloon works for the elementary at University Christian. The Re/MAX Balloon is one of the most recognized corporate symbols on the planet, and understandably so. At seven stories tall, the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon grabs attention wherever it flies.

First introduced at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in 1978, the balloon perfectly represented the RE/MAX network’s “Above the Crowd” commitment to quality. Today, the 120 RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons in operation comprise the largest fleet on the planet.

In logo form, the RE/MAX Balloon is even more prevalent. It adorns countless business cards, advertisements, vehicles, yard signs, billboards, websites, T-shirts – you name it. In other words, the RE/MAX Balloon is virtually everywhere, and when people see it, they think of the local RE/MAX agents they know.

That’s why our RE/MAX Agents are able to utilize the RE/MAX balloon for marketing ideas and promoting their business. Our agent Valerie Womble was able to share this amazing experience with all of the students and was actually able to enjoy a ride in the hot air balloon herself! This is just one aspect of why the RE/MAX brand is so great. As a real estate agent, marketing your business can be a roller coaster ride of trying to reach your market, but why not take a nice hot air balloon ride instead?

You can learn more about what RE/MAX can offer your business by checking out this in-depth about us page here.