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Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Al Grant spent many years as a medical professional. Al has always believed that success in the medical field is found when a balance is struck between precision, efficiency, and compassion. He has carried this philosophy with him into his current career as an agent and continues to apply it every day.

Al grew up in New England and raised his children in Colorado before finally moving to Jacksonville in 1997. His experience as a licensed realtor in Colorado made the transition to licensing in Florida fairly easy; although, mountain top property is a little harder to come by in the Jacksonville area!!! Moving to a new area is a daunting task, something that Al knows firsthand. Al will use his personal experiences to help streamline and guide you in any and all real estate endeavors.

Since moving from Colorado, Al has fully embraced the Florida lifestyle. For Al, the best part of living in Jacksonville is the climate because he can enjoy all of his favorite activities whether it be golfing, boating, fishing, or SCUBA diving all year round.
Whether working with sellers, seasoned buyers or first time buyers, Al enjoys the satisfaction of helping people start a new chapter in their lives. His favorite saying, “a stranger is just a friend that you have not met yet”, holds true in that many of his clients do end up becoming friends. Let Al Grant show you all that Jacksonville has to offer!


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